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Emily Thrash Staff Photo
Ms.  Emily  Thrash
Third Grade Teacher and High School Cheer Sponsor
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Subjects Taught
Third Grade



 Sebastopol Attendance Center



 East Central Community College

(Associates of Science)

 Mississippi State University

(Bachelors of Elementary Education)


 University of West Alabama

(Masters of School Counseling)




 Meet Your Teacher

1. I have run a marthon... 26.2 miles!!

2. I have three dogs, Rocky, Daisy, and Blondo, and one cat, BMW!

3. I HATE sweet tea!!

4. I have broken A LOT of bones!

5. I cheered and played softball in college.

6. This is my 6th year teaching.

7. I have been to New York and Los Angles... in the same year!!

9. I have a little nephew named Noah!

10. I love to eat... especiallly tacos, choclate, chips and dip, Chinese food... ok ANYTHING!!